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Setup & Decorating Guidelines at Alexandria Convention Center, Alexandria, Louisiana

Setup and Decorating Guidelines

Discover guidelines for setup and decorating to ensure seamless events at Alexandria Convention Center. Your vision and our standards are a perfect match.

ACC Guidelines

The Alexandria Convention Center has the following guidelines in place to protect its property throughout the duration of your event.

  • The event organizer(s) are responsible for the setting up and dismantling of your own displays/decorations. Existing fixtures and furnishings in any convention center space may not be moved to accommodate decorations.
  • The Alexandria Convention Center shall have the right to discard or otherwise dispose of any displays/decorations that are not dismantled and removed from the property in a timely fashion and shall not be responsible for the value of these discarded or disposed of items.
  • Displays/decorations must be prepared and attached in such a way as not to damage the area being decorated. The following are restricted from use on walls, fixtures, furniture and/or equipment anywhere in the Convention Center: Duct tape, masking tape, nails, large pins and tacks, pinning or attaching items to curtains, tacky putty of any kind strictly prohibited. Distribution of gummed stickers or labels is strictly prohibited.
  • All large sets or decorations (including flower arrangements, etc.) must be ready to be placed at the time of set-up. Building displays within the Convention Center will not be permitted unless otherwise approved by the Sales Manager or General Manager. The Alexandria Convention Center requests that our facility is not to be used as a crafting area, flower shop, etc.
  • The event organizer(s) are responsible for the removal of all display/decorations at the conclusion of the event. If for any reason, all displays/decorations cannot be immediately removed, the event organizer(s) may make special arrangements with the Sales Department to remove the remaining items no later than eight (8) hours after the event, based upon availability.
  • Any exhibit/display/decoration layout which will endanger the safety of those attending an event or which will impede traffic flow is prohibited.
  • The event organizer(s) are responsible for repair/replacement of any furniture, fixtures, equipment, and/or carpet that is damaged during set-up, the actual event or removal of display/decoration items. If the organizer can't fixed the damage items within 48 hours after the event end, the management will hire the 3rd party professional to fix the damage and the 3rd party bill plus 10 % overhead will be billed to organization.
  • The use of candles with open flames is not permitted. However, fake candles with battery operated flames are allowed.
  • The use of confetti or glitter is strictly prohibited.
  • Cleaning or repairs needed to the Convention Center property due to damage obtained during your event will be billed directly to event's master account.
  • The Alexandria Convention Center reserves the right to remove offensive materials from public view.
  • The Alexandria Convention Center does not provide labor to help with decorations or event set up, including the use of tools, ladders, dollies, etc.
  • The Alexandria Convention Center requests that the convention center space be returned in the same condition it was in upon your arrival. Any remaining items from the function will be disposed of properly if left behind.
  • If you are permitted to enter the Alexandria Convention Center one day prior to the event for set-up, the set-up must be completed within the hours of 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If set-up takes longer than expected and is not completed by 4:00 PM, a charge of $100.00 per hour will be added to your account.